Who are we?

Frans Neijenhuis

As a son of a grower, I grew up working in the horticulture. Following my education, I started working at a variety of companies and gained a considerable amount of experience in international trade. More>

Marinus Geurtsen

Transport & Logistics are in my blood. Almost 30 years of experience in various executive positions at several logistics service providers ensure that I have a wide variety of experience organising functions/departments within an enterprise. More>

Johan Ekers

FMCG – Food and beverages, is the sector in which I have been active in for over 30 years.By combining my education with years of practical experience, gained through several management and board functions at various leading FMCG – food and beverage companies, I have become a specialist within this field. More >>

Peter van der Woerdt

Since a very young age I have had a strong affinity with and a passion for agriculture and horticulture. When I was 17, I started at the bottom and throughout the years I have grown to become an experienced manager / entrepreneur within the agriculture sector. More >>