Peter van der Woerdt Agriculture, Livestock

Since a very young age I have had a strong affinity with and a passion for agriculture and horticulture. When I was 17, I started at the bottom and throughout the years I have grown to become an experienced manager / entrepreneur within the agriculture sector. Through this experience, I have developed valuable commercial and technical consultancy skills. I have been able to build a strong network within the sector, in particular due to my open personality, my knowledge and my sincere interest in the agricultural business.

Because of my professionalism and experience, I know how to match the right person in the most suitable position to the right employer within the agriculture / livestock sector. After all, as an agriculture and livestock specialist I will be functioning as the sparring partner, for both the client and the candidate.

An open and comprehensive consultation with the client, desires and expectations regarding the potential employee. Knowing what you are talking about enables me to determine what the right match between employer and employee will be. This will guarantee a rewarding and long lasting collaboration.

Positions that can be thought of: Cultivation Specialist, Forage Specialist, Technical Advisor, Commercial Advisor, Commercial Manager, Researcher, Plant Pathologist, (Practical) Breeder, Back Office Assistant, Sales Team Leader, Agronomist etc.

Let me be the person to establish contact between your company and the right candidate, or to be the person to help you with the next step in your career. Just contact me via phone or email, because with my experience and knowledge I can help to get the right person in the right time in the right place.