Head Grower UAE


The company is a dynamic and fast growing organization with a wide range of fruits and vegetables. A high product-quality and a high technical standard are the company’s outstanding characteristics.

Job description

The candidate will be responsible for leading a team of growers responsible for all aspects. Knowledge of and experience with modern hydroponic vegetable growing, including leafy green vegetables, strawberries, microgreens, tomatoes and cucumbers is essential. The matching candidate is a strong personality who stands on his or her ground and who is the technical focal point for all growing issues within the company. He or she will lead all prototyping activities for launching production scale new crop varieties.

Job requirements

The candidate we are looking for has a bachelor’s degree in agronomy, horticulture, or agricultural studies. He or she has an extensive and proven experience as well as knowledge with and in modern crop growing under glass. A thorough background in horticulture, both theoretical and practical, is absolutely necessary. Affinity with new technological developments such as LED growing and optimizing is a distinct advantage.
He or she will lead, amongst other things, the daily operations within the whole cultivation process. This includes the planning and organizing the routine of the day so that the employees will be used efficiently. Problems such as pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies in the crop will be identified quickly, tackled and solved.
Indispensable for this function is an excellent command of English, both written and spoken. Candidate must be able to travel independently within the GCC region.

Working conditions

For the matching candidate a special challenge is waiting you. Besides extensive professional knowledge and experience therefore some sense of adventure and a real pioneer spirit is essential. The working conditions are excellent and do fit this responsible position.

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