IPM Manager


This family business has been producing a large assortment of bell peppers in modern greenhouse complexes at various locations in Canada for half a century. An efficient and expert pest and disease control in the crop is of great importance in the production of a healthy quality product.

Job description

The IPM Manager is primarily responsible for a healthy crop in a 30 ha. large greenhouse complex with year-round cultivation and assimilation lighting. He or she identifies and registers potential and present pests and diseases, comes up with an efficient integrated control approach, consults with the crop responsible parties about the best implementation and keeps track of whether the desired result is achieved. The company has been striving for many years for the sustainable use of resources, cultivation and starting materials and energy. The Crop Protection Manager sought plays a very important role in this endeavor. Both practical and theoretical knowledge of new techniques, resources, systems and other developments in crop protection are important. The working area is Canada, hence a good knowledge of English is essential, Spanish would be a further advantage. The man or woman sought is also willing to relocate to Canada and stay there for a longer period. The company will provide support and guidance in this respect.

Job requirements

The requested candidate has a background in terms of education and experience in modern greenhouse horticulture, preferably in food horticulture. Knowledge of growing bell peppers all year round under glass can be an advantage. It is essential that he or she is up to date in the field of crop protection. That also means a demonstrably large knowledge of and experience with the principles, requirements and approach of IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Being able to work meticulously and accurately, both practically and administratively, speaks for itself. Work consultations with those responsible for cultivation require persuasiveness and a tactical approach.

Working conditions

Do you know about modern crop protection in modern greenhouse horticulture? Do you have serious interest in an exciting challenge in Canada? Have you ever dreamed about such an adventure? Then this is the special opportunity to make your dream come true.
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