General Manager


In cooperation and with the help of a group of investors a modern greenhouse has been built in West Virginia (USA) for the cultivation of strawberries.


The candidate sought will be in charge of the day-to-day management. A large and demonstrable knowledge and experience in coordinating and/or leading modern greenhouse is absolutely necessary. The candidate sought will ensure streamlined operations with an eye for important issues such as cost control in the purchase of energy and raw materials, production, sorting and packaging of products.
He or she sets the annual budget and targets, is responsible for the efficient organization of all operations in and around the greenhouses, and ensures that annually set targets are met and if possible exceeded. The right candidate is persuasive and has a strong personality, can delegate well and holds employees accountable. An important part of this position is the search, hiring and further training of new employees with the right qualifications for the various departments. Current employees can also count on stimulating guidance and leadership in order to perform better. In this regard, the sought-after man or woman must be open-minded and able to interact well.


The candidate has very broad and demonstrable experience and knowledge in managerial and/or coordinating positions in modern greenhouse horticulture companies. This solid background in greenhouse horticulture, both theoretical and practical, is absolutely necessary. This position involves a lot of planning and organization but you are also asked to keep an overview of annual goals, budgets and costs.


The candidate we’re looking for must have an American, Canadian or Mexican citizenship. It’s almost impossible to get a working permit if you’re from another (European) country.

Do you have serious interest, then this may be the job that suits you! Do you have any questions? Please feel free to give us a call. Of course, your call will remain confidential.

Frans Neijenhuis
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