Sales Consultants Fertilizer


This originally Dutch company delivers as a subsidiary an important contribution to the further growth of the parent company that globally produces and delivers modern fertilizers for professional horticulture and agriculture as well as for public green (Sport and Green). Starting point is that care for enough healthy food for a growing world is only possible with innovative and efficient fertilization which ensures a high and sustainable production. The Dutch subsidiary supplies an extensive series of controlled release fertilizers (CRF) for professional horticulture and public green. This makes it an excellent addition to the fertilizer of the parent company.


The company intends to work from The Netherlands intensively for the global market in the coming years. Therefore we are looking for several sales consultants for various countries abroad. These are people who are well informed through a combination of education and experience from the base and the use of several of fertilizers in agriculture, open ground, landscaping and public greenery (the companies that doesn’t use rockwool).


The candidates are expected to have an excellent command of English (written and spoken), but also of the country language in where they will start their position.
The ability to work independently and take initiative to quickly establish a strong personal network of relationships and customers such as wholesalers, distributors and farmers is essential. An important part of the work is being present at relevant trade fairs and industry meetings and to represent the company there.
The desired candidates have to work together in a structured and planned manner, despite their possible different nationalities. The right candidates are convincing and stay organized, good and especially sharp negotiate goes with it.


For the right candidates await independent full-time positions in various European countries, with a lot of challenge and variety. The Dutch employer is part of a large, internationally active company with a strong reputation in the field of fertilizers in agriculture. The salary and other working conditions will fit the requirements and challenges.