What is a Grower?

As a Grower, you will work for a horticultural company. Most growers work in a greenhouse, but a Grower may also work outside on the open field. The tasks of a Grower consist of growing or cultivating flowers or plants, but they may also consist of growing or cultivating crops such as vegetables and potatoes. The Grower’s job is to fertilise, care for and water the soil he or she uses. When fertilising the soil, the environmental regulations must be taken into account.

In addition, a Grower can also establish himself as an independent entity. If this is the case, he or she must keep his or her own administrative records. A Grower also has knowledge of crops and possesses over insights into their growth process. Furthermore, he or she is able to create the conditions for growing the best products.

What does a Grower do?

As a Grower you are in charge of the tasks related to the preparation of the cultivation, the cultivation itself and the harvesting of the products. You work according to cultivation plans and work schedules and manage the employees of the company. The most common tasks of a Grower are as following:

  • Responsibility for the entire production
  • Responsible for the purchase of raw materials and the planning of the crop process
  • Prevent diseases and pests
  • Remedy diseases and pests through biological or conventional control
  • Bear responsibility for fertilisation and watering
  • Manage production employees or team leaders
  • Ensure that you are always up to date with the latest developments

Vacancies for Growers

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