What is a Purchaser?

A Purchaser is responsible for the purchasing and / or purchasing policy of goods or services of/from suppliers of the organisation. The Purchaser determines exactly which goods will be purchased and searches for the most suitable supplier. The suppliers choose a purchaser based on the best value for money. A Purchaser is responsible for a good balance between closing the best deals for a company and maintaining the best possible relationship with the suppliers.

If the job of the Purchaser also contains managerial aspects, he or she tends to be called a Procurement Manager or Purchasing Manager. A Procurement Manager is involved in all the work related to purchasing. A Purchasing Manager is involved in the actual ordering process.

What does a Purchaser do?

The most important task of a Purchaser is to manage the purchasing policy of a company or organisation. In many cases this involves purchasing products or raw materials, but it could also involve purchasing services. The following tasks belong to the Purchaser’s job:

  • Determine which products or services are needed
  • Selecting suitable suppliers. For instance, by conducting market research or tracking market developments
  • Negotiate¬†with suppliers about purchase prices
  • Request quotations for the delivery of services and products
  • The actual ordering of products, raw materials or services
  • Ensure good relations between all parties involved
  • The administration of various purchasing activities. Detailed information about suppliers, stocks, orders, properties of products or services etc.

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