What is a QA Manager?

A QA Manager, also known as a Quality Officer, is someone who is responsible for managing the quality of production processes and end products. A QA Manager ensures that all individual parts of the production process work optimally, so that the end product can be produced and meets the set requirements.

The difference between a QA Manager and a QC Manager

Quality management can be divided into two different classifications: quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC). These are different tasks, but cannot be viewed separately. A QA Manager is responsible for managing and improving product processes. A QC Manager is responsible for measuring product characteristics in order to maintain/ improve quality. The tasks of a QA Manager, therefore, specifically revolve around process and product quality.

Tasks of a QA Manager

The tasks of a QA Manager are about process and product quality specifically. In general, the tasks of a QA Manager can be found below:

  • Drafting and monitoring the quality policy
  • Organising audits on product and process level
  • Handling external and internal complaints
  • Analysing product and process errors
  • Creating and executing improvement projects
  • Processing information in the quality management system
  • Creating management quality reports
  • Train QA and QC employees

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