Is the glass half empty or half full?

It’s currently difficult to avoid all the negative news. Whether you turn on the TV, open up a newspaper or scroll through social media, we’re constantly faced with messages about the energy crisis, the current state of our economy, or all the social/political issues happening worldwide. In these times of negativity and change, it’s all the more important to think in opportunities. Especially within businesses and organisations.

Think of it this way, when you’re working for a company in times of change or crisis it can be challenging to enjoy your work or find the motivation to do your job when all you hear all day long are negative statements. ‘We’re not performing well’, ‘this crisis is hitting us hard’, ‘we’re never going to recover from this’. Rather than thinking in problems, it’s far healthier for a business to think in solutions and opportunities. A positive mindset that runs through an organisation and thereby also its employees is of high importance. People who think in opportunities always assume that there are other perspectives and ways. Something that an organisation needs in times of change. And remember, a positive mindset and appearance are infectious. You’ll notice that colleagues and people around you will brighten up as well.

This positive way of thinking also applies when you’re thinking about switching jobs or wondering about potential new opportunities. You may start thinking about all the risks involved or how the change may impact you negatively. In this instance, it’s also better to assume the glass is half full, rather than half empty. Think of all the positive influences a new job could have on your life. There’s a reason you’re thinking about a change. If you are indeed uncertain about changing jobs, you can always reach out to The Recruiting Specialist. We are always there to advise or guide you with this new step in your career.

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